Concrete Walls & Timber Decks in Wellington

We are able to design and construct the best timber posts and plank walls using a technique that has been used for decades. We offer different designs when it comes to constructing timber post and plank walls, from the simplest of designs to some of the most unique designs in Wellington just for you.

Half Round Walls

As experts in the industry here in Wellington, we are able to construct half round walls to your requirement. With years of experience, we are able to guarantee our work, so you can enjoy your new environment and have peace in mind when you choose to utilise our services.

Concrete Block Wall

The concrete block wall option is a very strong and durable option. With our concrete block wall finish you able to gain additional benefits, such as the aesthetics and most often are a quick and easy installation. So you can be enjoying your new secure environment in Wellington quicker than you expected.

Timber Decks

We all appreciate a well-constructed deck in New Zealand. As we aim to surpass expectations, we offer timber when constructing decks, which enhances the aesthetics and durability of your deck. If you have a unique design you want to implement, whether it is a simple design or the most complex design, we can do it for you.

Timber Crib Walls

As an alternative more aesthetically pleasing option, we recommend using timber when it comes to constructing crib walls. We focus on delivering the best durable crib walls, designed and constructed to remain intact for the long haul.

Landscape Walls

There are a variety of finishes when it comes to constructing landscape walls. Here at Capital Retaining Walls, we offer our expertise when it comes to selecting the best finish, including giving advice on the most economical or beneficial options available for you.